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Kevin is a 19-year-old twink, who has just completed his training to become a professional firefighter. However, before becoming an official member of the fire station, there is one last test he must take: he has to show his obedience and solidarity. That is why the chief of the fire station, Malik TN, along with two colleagues, John Activia et Steph Killer, takes him to some wasteland and orders him to kneel down right away. In front of him, his two colleagues whips out their dicks and Kevin knows what he has to do. He hungrily blows them in front of chief Malik and then it is Malik's turn to unsheathe his impressive 9-inch-long hose and to take advantage of the new recruit's mouth. While Kevin is busy servicing his chief's big dick, his two colleagues start fingering his sweet ass while touching themselves⦠After alternatively blowing at length the three hotties who shove their dicks down his cock-craving throat, the slutty new recruit finds himself on all fours, on an old tire, ready to get plowed hard. And it's chief Malik who has the honor of taking care of Kevin's sweet ass⦠If he is having some trouble at first taking Malik's monster cock ' for Kevin has some sweet yet tight ass ' he soon gives in and enjoys Malik's powerful thrusts. The XXL-hung stud goes wild on the new recruit. Yes, he wants to test his stamina and his perseverance in adversity⦠He fucks him hard while his two colleagues enjoy his hot wet mouth! That cutie knows how to multitask⦠And that's a plus! Finally, for the last part of the test, Malik orders Kevin to kneel down to get officially baptized by his chief and his colleagues: he gets a triple cum shot on his sweet face. One can say that this new recruit has passed the test! He is an obedient guy, who will always be ready to give his colleagues a hand, or even a headâ¦


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Hot threesome fucking, these lads are real cock hungry chavs who head out to fuck and suck on their mates sofa. Sharing big dicks and tight butts, hard looking Kallum with his baseball cap and chain fucks young looking Troy whilst big dicked Danny feeds him throbbing hard meat, fucking his boyish face. Riding his mates dick and working that cock with his mouth; this guy loves getting fed from both ends. Swapping positions, Danny’s big dick is thrust into the poor boy, his hairy legs and smooth balls pushing against him as he devours Kallum’s throbbing dick, fresh from the butt fucking he just gave. Troy show himself to be a real bottom boy, having both cocks constantly at both ends, it’s no surprise when they both shoot all over him, covering him with tonnes of cum!!


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18-year-old French twink Andrea is not really good in English. So, his brother-in-law has decided to pay a tutor who will give him English lessons. Today is the first time he has met his English tutor and Andrea notices right away that he is gay. So, he suggests that they should study on his bed. In the twinkling of an eye, the tutor and his student are naked on the French twink's bed. But all of a sudden, Striky, Andrea's brother-in-law walks in on them. At first annoyed at the fact that Andrea is not studying, he soon decides to join in. While giving his young brother-in-law a juicy blowjob, the athletic 30-something hunk gets his thick dick serviced by the English teacher. Those three guys are horny and they suck one another's dicks. Since he is paying Andrea's teacher, Striky figures that he might as well get some hot sex out of it⦠And let's just say that this hottie is not a teacher for nothing: he knows how to give a good oral lesson⦠He swallows Striky's hard tick cock, taking it down into his throat. Striky starts coveting his gay brother-in-law's ass, sticking his tongue into his smooth hole before jamming a couple of fingers in⦠Apparently, Striky prefers the brother's ass than the sister's pussy, relishing in the 18-year-old's tight hole and hard dick. All of a sudden, the English teacher gets on all fours and starts fingering his own hole, suggesting that he is ready to get down to business. Striky shoves his hard dick inside the horny slut's ass and starts pounding him hard. 'Yeah, come on', he shouts out in English while getting screwed hard by the hot 30-year-old hunk. Striky enjoys topping this cock-craving bottom! He slaps his butt and plows him even harder⦠Then, it is Andrea's turn to take advantage of his tutor's wide-open manhole. Usually, it is rather the other way around: it is the teacher who fucks his student⦠But today, it is the student who fucks his teacher and the teacher is loving it! Andrea has the vigor of his youth and even if his thrusts may seem awkward every now and then, he sticks his dick deep inside his tutor's hole. The English teacher enjoys having two brothers-in-law fucking him in turns. But Striky is a better top: he has more experience and it shows⦠The English teacher screams louder and louder! Finally, Andrea shoots his load on his teacher's chest soon followed by his not-so-straight brother-in-law: his balls were full and heavy streams of cum erupt from his dick onto the hot Latino's chest. That's a good way of paying someone in kind and I am sure the teacher prefers that to cash!


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Carlo has been hospitable to Zack. But Zack does not like to be in debt to somebody. So, he pays him back in kind. The landlord is really obedient: he lets Zack do the work, the way he likes it. And the loud moans are here to prove that he enjoys it very much.


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More country-side labouring now, this time with a broken down tractor and two twinks eager to fix it up and get into the outdoors! New face Maxim has a perfect little body, smooth, slightly toned but slender as anything, with a great big dick swinging and standing to attention as his fellow farm-hand works on it with his hot young lips wrapped around the shaft! It’s a real toss-up between who would be best to get fucked, but Maxim’s delicious dick gets the pleasure of pounding John, just as the weather turns and they end up drenched in the summer rain! Luckily for them, it passes by and the sun blazes on these two entwined twinks as they continue fucking each other, Maxim sliding all the way in and out in great motion that will make you wish it was your ass he’s really fucking!


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Blond boys with a cute angel face are sick of being fucked over and over by their friends. Well, one of them is. His name is Valentin and today he is on a mission to show that he's not just a great ass to fuck. He's gonna get some of his juice up his friend's ass too! Check this out!


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To hire young workers has its advantages. You can ask them to work long hours, they rarely get tired and they are cheaper than older experienced ones. The problem is, once the boss is gone, the young unsupervised workers start messing around, rolling on the floor, wrestling, grabbing each other's dick and...fucking.


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This is the final take from "A NEARLY PERFECT FUCK" DVD: A drink between friends turns into a fuck-party of 5! Five horny French twinks from Berry prod, having fun on a couch. They all compete and give their best to the camera to win the final contest!


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Justin is a real hunk. Muscled, tattooed, butch, he is every little passive's dream. The thing about Justin though, is that he loves giving his holes to cute little skinny twinks with big cocks. Today's he's gonna get pounded by Sky James.


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