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A greedy passive rather handsome dude spends 20 minutes with a well-hung muscular top. Guess what they're up to: They kiss? mutual blowjobs in 69? Ass-eating? Hole pounding? The answer is: ALL OF THE ABOVE! Enjoy!


Con : John LatinoFabien Roley Categoria : Chicos jóvenesMade in FranceFeatured videoFree TrailerPollonesHotcast DVD: ------------ Tempo : 20'


In Menoboy Studios' offices, in Montpellier, Fabien and Tony are getting bored waiting for me. A few minutes later, I start hearing squeaky noises. So, I decide to head for the office next door. What do I find out? Fabien is getting his hard-throbbing dick sucked by Tony. Without wasting any more time, I grab a video camera to immortalize this intimate moment. Intimate? Not really... They are really noisy and don' really care about the neighbors. The chairs and the tables are grating, the guys are screaming. I think I will have to move out... How embarrassing ! ;)


Con : Tony CisserFabien Dolko Categoria : Made in FranceChicos jóvenesFree TrailerÁrabes gayEn el curromulti-étnicosFeatured videoPollonesMenoboy DVD: ------------ Tempo : 12'


Two young dudes hung like horses get together for a jerk-off/blowjob session. Their massive cocks need loads of attention. They swap positions, one sucking the other and so on. After 20 minutes of deep-throat action, lots of hot sticky cum comes out!


Con : Fred SneakerFabien Roley Categoria : PollonesChicos jóvenesMade in FranceFeatured videoFree TrailerHotcast DVD: ------------ Tempo : 20'


Two handsome french twinks enjoy their afternoon in a modest student appartment somewhere in Paris' project. After many lessons in mechanics & hydraulics, some practice will help them to learn everything they need to know about deep drilling. Big tools, hollywood style kisses, and lot of sweat. France is so romantic country.


Con : Fabien RoleyMarshall Paxton Categoria : Chicos jóvenesMade in FranceFree TrailerFeatured videoSneakersHotcast DVD: ------------ Tempo : 20'


Tim Loux is a sex machine. What he loves the most: Arab guys and massive cocks. Tonight, he has both with XXL-hung Arab stud Kamzouz. It clicks right away. Tim doesn't let go of Kamzouz' dick which fills his whole mouth. Kamzouz ends up spinning him around and forcefully slides his dick in. Tim is exulting but he can't get enough. He screams and asks his sex partner for more, and even more. Soooo good!


Con : KamzouzTim Loux Categoria : Made in FranceChicos jóvenesFree TrailerÁrabes gaymulti-étnicosTattooFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: ------------ Tempo : 22'


This week, 'Last Night in Paris' pays a visit to Illy Rya and Rudy M. These two twinks don't waste any time: Ludo has hardly turned the video camera on when the two guys start kissing and rubbing their hardening pieces of meat. They soon take off their clothes and get down to business. They suck at each other before doing a 69. Then, Rudy offers Illy his welcoming ass. Illy enjoys it very much, he inserts his tongue in Rudy's puckered hole. Then, he plunges his dick in his boyfriend's ass, roughly then sensually and roughly again. Rudy is loving it and is asking for more. And so are we.


Con : Illy RiaRudy M Categoria : Made in FranceChicos jóvenesFree TrailerTattooFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: Paris Secret Tempo : 22'


Here are three students who have chosen to specialise their studies on a very important subject: Gay sexual behaviour. To familiarise themselves with some of the basic practices, they exchange kisses and blowjobs. One of the three is very eager to explore further and offers his little ass...a tongue slowly moisturises his tight hole, preparing it for an XXL cock. One final exercise for our three dedicated students: spit-roast technic! They all deserve an A!


Categoria : Orgías GayMade in FranceFree TrailerCadinot DVD: Crescendo Tempo : 8'


I am to meet two guys, Steph Killer and hot twink Eddy at Club 88, on “rue Saint Denis”, in Paris. We are starting to shoot the scene when, all of a sudden, the producer of Crunchboy Studios walks into the Love Hotel's room. At first, we are both really surprised but we come to a compromise. We agree to film the scene together, simultaneously. Eddy is a young gay guy from Paris. He loves dicks and enjoys getting fucked by well-hung bad boys. Steph Killer is perfect to break his sweet ass.


Con : Eddy CrunchSteph Killer Categoria : Made in FranceChicos jóvenesFree TrailerTattooFeatured videoMenoboy DVD: Paris Secret Tempo : 25'


Noa is into men in firemen's uniforms. He calls 911 and tells the person who picks up a cock-and-bull story. When Dylan and Greg Centuri, two gay firefighters, get there they do what they can to calm down the restless twink, who is really hot in the ass. Noa goes down on both of them. Then, Dylan lifts Noa's butt to slide his dick in. Every inch deeper that the cock goes triggers a new flash of pleasure for Noa. After fucking him hard and filling him from both ends, the two firemen spray their loads on the hot twink's sweet face.


Con : Greg CenturiNoa SmithDylan Categoria : Made in FranceChicos jóvenesUniformsOrgías GayCorridas en la caraFree TrailerMenoboy DVD: Le Feu au Cul Tempo : 19'


In Paris, apartment-sharing often prompts roommates to some kind of unexpected intimacy. Apartments are so small that when one roommate is getting ready to go to work, the other one has to take a shower a few inches away⦠But it can also have some advantages. One knowing look and bam, the cutie that was getting ready grabs his roommate's dick and jumps in the shower, with his clothes on. It starts with some hot oral sex session: the two roomies hungrily blow each other's dicks. They are both well-hung and horny as hell. Then, the blond one spins his pal around, sinks to his knees to eat out his sweet hole and sticks his rock-hard dick in. He starts pounding his cock deep into his roommate, who moans louder and louder. Since a shower is a nice place to start but not a very comfortable one, they take it to the bedroom where the blond hottie screws his friend non-stop. The two guys move to the rhythm of the blond top's passionate thrusts. Then, when you might think that they are about to cum, they switch positions and the blond stud gets plowed by his pal. The second advantage of having a gay roommate is when you are both versatile. You can have some nice and long ass-drilling sessions. The new top fucks his friend doggie-style on the bed and he screws him deep. They are both good tops and good bottoms. And they have some stamina! After getting boned, the blond hottie tops his buddy some more on his side and on his back. Is it me or is it hot in this apartment? He ends up shooting his spunk on his roommate's face. If being versatile has some great advantages, it is also likely to make them late if they do that every morning.


Categoria : Made in FranceChicos jóvenesFree TrailerTíos peludosCorridas en la caraMenoboy DVD: ------------ Tempo : 25'