Top del mes


Greg has just gotten caught by a policeman. He is guilty of smoking in a natural reserve, which could have triggered a fire, according to the officer of law. The fine is pretty high at 195â¬. So, Greg tries to find a way to circumvent the fine.


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A cute little blond twink met a hot Latino stud at the gay beach. He brought him back to his hotel room to offer his tight little ass, confident he would be able to take his cock. When he started getting fucked, he soon realised it was gonna be first.


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Emilien Piresse and Samy Costa are kissing and sucking each other off in bed. The two tops are getting hornier by the minute when Nicolas Neont walks in. A steaming-hot threesome video from the gay Tv-reality show "VIS MA COLOC 2011"


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John Despe and Sasha Attali are playing basketball. John is having a hard time and Shasha is making fun of him. On their way back, John takes him along to a bus stop where he forces him to swallow his dick, right away, before drilling him hard. Now it is Sasha's turn to have a hard time but he has to shut the fuck up...


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Anthony Cruz is a professional masseur in Paris. He has an appointment with Raphaà«l, a young hipster who lives. The cutie seems to be very comfortable and gets naked right away. Anthony makes a move by massaging his client's butt. Then, he decides to let his hand slide between Charles butt-cheeks. The hottie doesn't flinch! Anthony moves toward his client's head to massage his back. But imagine the gay hipster's reaction when he notices a bump through his masseur's jogging...


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Renaud is visiting Southern France and he has decided to have a look at a cruising spot that he has heard of. Apparently, you can go there and you find the crème de la crème of French hottie. As soon as he arrives, he finds a nice place between two trees, whips out his dick and starts wanking. A few feet away, a cute twink, Loan, sees him and he starts walking up to him. There starts the traditional routine of gay men in their natural habitat: Loan looks Renaud in the eyes before looking down at his stiff member. Renaud looks back at him subtly giving him the green light. Therefore, Loan heads toward Renaud and grabs his 8-inch cock that he starts stroking. After quickly making out with this random hottie, Loan finds himself with Renaud's dick in his mouth. Since this spot is very busy at this time of day, T. Bow, a third guy soon joins in. Right away, he take his dick out and gets it serviced by Loan's skillful mouth. Loan blows the two studs in turns, moving from one big dick to the other relishing in both of them⦠Then, it's Renaud's turn to take care of his two new 'friends'. Horny as he is, he runs his lips up and down on T. Bow's rock-hard dick before swallowing Loan's. Though he is a 100% bottom, Loan enjoys this unexpected blowjob. Then, T. Bow decides to top the cute French twink. Up against a tree, he sticks his throbbing dick into Loan's welcoming hole. Renaud stares at them, turned on by this hot show⦠The hot stud's thrusts are at once energetic and deep, which causes Loan to moan louder and louder. All the while, Renaud gently kisses Loan's juicy lips. Then, it is his turn to enjoy that slutty bottom's hungry hole. The second top is so horny that he pounds him hard right away, without giving him any time to breathe. Finally, the two tops shoot their huge loads and take off, leaving Loan, in the middle of the wood, putting his pants back on⦠That is how cruising spots work: fuck and goâ¦


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